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People Search US creates a people based search engine finally making people information accessible, searchable and free.

The team at PublicDataUSA LLC is making the world of people data accessible to everyone, with a simple and free search. We are bringing millions of data points together to provide you a single search engine. People search helps you understand the data around you. This includes information recorded by state and federal governments. Our people search includes all types of people data like property records, patents, business registration, campaign contributions, and white house visitor records. Everyone can use the data including students, journalists, data enthusiasts, and researchers to help answer questions and explorer the world we live in.

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White House
Vehicle Sales
Business listings
US Customs
Public Directory


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Use our public data search to find and reconnect with a lost love.

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Screen Employees

You cannot use our service for any employment screening of any kind.

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Don't stalk, spy on people, or contact anyone against their wishes.

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Don't use the service to gather someones information for any malicious or illegal purpose

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Frequently Asked Questions

People Search US unravels the world of public data and is available completely free.
Anyone can use the People Search US for searching and viewing public data. People that use it range from researchers, students, journalists, online daters, and people looking for old college buddies.
Our public data search includes people search, marketing data, property records, vehicle records, realtor information, healthcare providers, patents, business registration, campaign contributions.
No, People Search US may not be used for any purpose described in the FCRA including employment screening, tenant screening, credit checks, scholarship qualifications, or insurance eligibility.
We strive to provide accurate and useful public data, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our data. There are many reasons that the data could be inaccurate, from typographical errors to data errors and user opt-outs. Please only use our data in combination with your own independent research.

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